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IOTS works with our candidates to enhance their Global Employability Quotient. And enables them to leap to lucrative opportunities in the developed world.


IOTS achieves this by bridging-up international skill-gaps thru trainings; helping them hone their skills compete in global job search; and finally explore & get them settle in a work platform abroad.


We are a proud & preferred partner to some of our foreign associates and carry large employment mandates for skilled manpower for positions across Healthcare, Engineering, Hospitality and a few more.


On our Indian base, we are a licensed manpower-recruitment service provider for overseas employers and Skills Indian International Partner (SIIN) of National Skills Development Corporation – International.  


Our offerings today include Bridging & Pathway programs, with Indian / Foreign Campus, that lead to employment overseas. And, Recruitment Opportunities that are offered to directly eligible ones.


IOTS comes with a parental pedigree of over 6 decades in running higher-educational institutions and a strong corporate / industry background of our promoters. Commanding a high respect in the industry, our promoters strive to create a quality institution as IOTS, that is accessible and offers comprehensive & legitimate foreign work opportunities

Our Vision

Be a trustworthy partner for overseas placements

Our Mission

To offer top-notch, skill-enhancement training & services that equips one better for international job market; and help fill-up skill-gaps globally 

We provide Occupational Based Guidance, Training & International Placement Services To Professionals

More than 69% of employers globally are having difficulty in filling jobs as per survey reports.

IOTS works to fulfill the industry demands by offering  Occupational Training Services through counseling, nurturing, recruitment guidance to aspiring professionals in Healthcare, Hospitality, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management and IT.

Our Alliances
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