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India's First NHS (UK) Readiness Program

Certificate in International Nursing

Get Trained by UK Trainers | Assured Placement Offers
NHS positions earn over
₹ 28L PA
Openings in 6000+
NHS UK Jobs every year
What You Will Learn

IOTS’s Certificate in International Nursing(CIN), is a Nursing Skill Enhancement Program for recruitment at UK’s National Health Service (NHS) framework.


The 12-week CIN, is co-hosted by IOTS in India along with its UK Partner. And guarantees a UK’s Certification by preparing nurses to take NMC’s ToC which tests their practical skills, while also improvising your English Proficiency.

Our trained & experienced tutors mentor you through the course, allowing you to achieve requirements needed to facilitate your move to the UK.

These also include: helping you Register for IELTS (Academic), and NMC ToC Part 1 Examinations. And assist you in undertaking assessment for your internationally recognised qualification.

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Our UK Partner

Our UK partner is a part of the VTCT group - UK’s market-leading vocational and technical awarding organisation. VTCT group’s qualifications are delivered under three brands in UK, covering over 3,000 centres worldwide with over 120,000 learners and apprentices every year. It works with some of the largest employers and providers in the UK.

Most suited for

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Clinical Nursing Professionals: To have a better knowledge of the profile along with practical exposure. It assesses the nurses essential knowledge, skills and attitudes which is required by nurses for safe and effective practices in the UK. 

Job Opportunities

Practice Walking

Clinical Nurses, Midwifery, Mental Health Practitioner, Staff Nurse- Critical Care / Intensive Care, General Practitioner Nursing, Paediatric Nurse, Cardiology Nurses etc.


Upon successful completion of the program, IOTS shall support you to make an effective transition from India to the United Kingdom. Typically this entails following steps:

  • Award of IOTS’s Certificate in International Nursing

  • Award of UK’s Level 3 Certification

  • Guidance on IELTS (Academic) Registration

  • NMC Test of Competence - Part 1 Exam Registration

  • Interview Scheduling with Potential Employer; with an NHS Hospital in the UK

  • Arrange Offer Letter (From UK Employer on selection)

  • Guidance on Visa Application

  • Onboarding Guidance Support

Are You Eligible?

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  • BSc Nursing / GNM

  • Registered Nurses holding valid RN

  • Experience ≥ 6 months (Clinical work experience, in 150 Bedded Hospital)

  • IELTS Band Score Level (mock / actual) ≥ 5

  • INAT Scores^^. Apply Now

    ^Candidates with lesser band level if found eligible otherwise, can be admitted. Genuine extra efforts required for upscaling English Proficiency level
    ^^ INAT is IOTS Nursing Aptitude Test. Comprises of Written Test, and Interview. INAT tests your knowledge of Nursing, and English Proficiency

Program Features

  • Orientation & Research on NHS requirements

  • UK Medical Systems (UK Orientation, Rules, Regulations, and Legal Requirements when working in the UK)

  • NMC ToC Part 1 Examination Prep

  • English Proficiency Prep

Program Conduct Format & Duration

4 hours of Class-room Study x 3 days / week 2 hours of Home-based Self-study x 7 days / Week Total Study Hours = 312 Gross Duration: 12 Weeks

  • Health and Social Care units

  • Mock Examinations

  • Guest Speakers - Specialist Knowledge

  • Employment Possibilities across UK & EU after the Certification

Want to know more?

About IOTS

IOTS works with our candidates to enhance their Global Employability Quotient. And enables them to leap to lucrative opportunities in the developed world.


IOTS achieves this by bridging-up international skill-gaps thru trainings; helping them hone their skills compete in global job search; and finally explore & get them settle in a work platform abroad.


We are a proud & preferred partner to some of our foreign associates and carry large employment mandates for skilled manpower for positions across Healthcare, Engineering, Hospitality and a few more.


On our Indian base, we are a licensed manpower-recruitment service provider for overseas employers and Skills Indian International Partner (SIIN) of National Skills Development Corporation – International.  


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Why Should You Join a Program Offered Through IOTS
  • Get Trained by UK Trainers

  • Unique NHS Readiness Program; based out of India

  • Assured Placement in UK, upon fulfilling eligibility

Program Fee & Payment Structure

Program Fee* =  ₹ 2,95,000 + 18% GST 
for payment options & structure, please Contact Us 

Program Application / Selection Process


1. Is this a residential program?

No. Candidate will have to make their own arrangement at their own cost to stay in the campus city. IOTS assistance may however be available looking for the accommodation

2. Does the cost cover cost of stay?

No – the fee given here, is purely for entrance, academic and assessments only.

3. Do I have to leave my job for this program? If yes – will it impact my Gap-Year for my Nursing Abroad ambition? OR this phase of learning will be treated as Preparation for the qualification?

Program is meant for working nurses only. And is therefore structured for F2F attendance for 3 days only in a week. IOTS does not recommend leaving jobs. It’ll be up to the candidate to take a well-informed decision, to do demanding job and a demanding program in-parallel.

4. How long do I have to wait to start getting interview offers after the program?

Candidate can look forward to getting interview calls in 2-3 business days after clearing NMC ToC Part 1 Examination.

5. Can I take the program virtually / online?

Program is structured for conduct in F2F mode, for being most effective.

6.For self-study part, what technical equipment / device are needed at home

Regular PC / Laptop, with high-speed internet

7. What salary levels are expected post this program

One can look forward to getting offers ≥ £2400 per month

8. What if I apply directly to NHS framework? Do I have chances of getting through? How does this program affect my selection for NHS?

Yes. One can apply directly upon full preparation on English Proficiency and NMC’s TOC. Your success chances will depend on your level of preparation. IOTS‘s CIN considers possible loss of time, money & opportunities for its candidates, and therefore engages best tutors that prepare you for facing & meeting the test requirements. CIN in fact, moves a step further and conducts several mock exam sessions for you, before giving you a go-ahead to appear for the said tests.

9. What if I have to pause the programs mid-way, for any personal / other reasons? Can I resume it later? Will the fee be refunded?

Program goes with high “module-interdependent” flow. IOTS recommends completing it one-go. One can refer to program conduct terms at the joining time.

10. Will IOTS be only training me? What about placements with NHS? Will IOTS assist?

CIN is a fully-loaded program. Starts with Orientation, and ends with your NHS recruitment. Entire training, and assistance / support for NHS Job, Visa etc, is all covered up.

11. Any other cost / fee charged besides the ones listed above for the program?Any other cost / fee charged for NHS Recruitment assistance?

No other fee is charged, Candidate will have to bear their own cost of stay in campus city, and all 3rd party expenses registration fee like for English Tests, NMC Tests, Visa Application etc.

12. Can two of IELTS results be combined for selection?

You can achieve the required mark across two IELTS test sittings if: You sit the tests within 12 months of each other You’re tested in all four sections at the same time you achieve at least 7 for reading, listening, and speaking, and at least 6.5 for writing in at least one of the two test sittings and no scores in either of the two test sittings are below 6.5 for listening, reading, and speaking, or below 6 for writing

13. If I fail to clear my CBT in 1st attempt then after how many months I can take the exam again?

The NMC will allow you to take the CBT exam a maximum of three times as part of your registration application. However, you’ll need to wait at least 10 days between each exam sitting. If you are unsuccessful after your permitted attempts, your application will close. You’ll be required to submit a new application and will not be able to sit the CBT again for a minimum of six months.

14. Before enrolling in the program can I be interviewed by NHS team? Or after completion of the program I will be getting interviewed by NHS?

One has to first clear requisite criteria, before coming to interview stage.

15. What will the CBT exam test you on?

The CBT is made up of 120 multiple choice questions to test your ability and knowledge to practice nursing safely in the UK. 50 questions will relate to generic nursing competencies found in each domain of nursing. 50 questions will be the application of generic nursing competencies to the specific field of nursing being applied for, for example, adult, child, learning disability or mental health nursing. 20 questions will focus solely on the specific competencies required for the field of nursing being applied for. Your exam will test you on the following areas: Professional values Communication and interpersonal skills Nursing practice and decision making Leadership, management & teamwork

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