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Diploma in Engineering Electrical Installations

Apprenticeship program in Malta!

Earn while you learn!

  • Min. Class XII with PCME.

  • Must have 55% in Class XII English or IELTS Score of 5.5

  • Earn upto 5.5 Euros per hour.

  • Min. 2 years Contract.

  • 1 year apprenticeship program consisting of vocational. skill based, theory and practical work.

  • Free healthcare facility.

  • Get PR in 5 years.

Fixing Electricity Lines

We provide Complete Guidance in the process of decision

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Course Description

This programme is intended for students who would like to upskill further their studies at higher levels & subsequently find employment in engineering especially in the electrical and electronics fields within the construction industry.

Programme Learning Outcomes

At the end of the programme the students is able to:

  1. Interpret and follow safety requirements in compliance with the law for electricalinstallations in construction environments.

  2. Interpret wiring regulations and requirements for domestic electrical installations.

  3. Design and implement domestic electrical installations to given requirements.

  4. Troubleshoot and repair existing single-phase electrical installations.

  5. Explain different ways in which electrical devices operate, and the science behind them.

Apprenticeship Program

  1. ​Principles of Electro-

  2. Principles of Electrical Science

  3. Installations (Buildings and Structures)

  4. Electrical Principles in
    Building Services

  5. Electrical Installation Standards and Components

  6. Health and Safety in Engineering

  7. Other Skills - Maths, English, Maltese, I.T., Science

  8. Community Social Responsibility


Practical learning with a team of experts.

Paid Apprenticeship Program.

Batch size is 40.

Register now for the August batch!
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