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Diploma in Joinery and Furniture Making

Apprenticeship program in Malta!

Earn while you learn!

  • Must have 55% in Class XII English or IELTS Score of 5.5

  • Earn upto 5.5 Euros per hour.

  • Min. 2 years Contract.

  • 1 year apprenticeship program consisting of vocational. skill based, theory and practical work.

  • Free healthcare facility.

  • Get PR in 5 years.

Carpenter at Work

We provide Complete Guidance in the process of decision

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Course Description

This course includes both theoretical knowledge and extended practical training both
off-the-job and on a work placement. Technological and practical lessons cover
measuring, cutting, preparing and assembling timber and timber board products to
make interior fittings such as kitchen cabinets, doors and window frames. The practical
training is carried out in workshops equipped to industry standards.

Programme Learning Outcomes

At the end of the programme the students is able to:

  1. Carry out a risk assessment of the surrounding working environment before and
    after executing an assigned task.

  2. Manufacture batched interim products out of solid wood and composite materials.

  3. Take off dimensions from drawings, nest and prepare cutting lists.

  4. Set out to assemble furniture products.

Apprenticeship Program

  1. ​Occupational Safety in the
    construction industry

  2. Technical Drawings,
    Calculations & Setting Out

  3. Woodwork Materials and Technology

  4. Alteration, Repair and
    Renovation of Joinery
    Products and Structures

  5. Practical Joinery Skills

  6. Practical Furniture Skills

  7. Other Skills - Maths, English, Maltese, I.T., Science

  8. Community Social Responsibility


Practical learning with a team of experts.

Paid Apprenticeship Program.

Batch size is 40.

Register now for the August batch!
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